Zimbabwe and Colorful Journey Splendor of Africa Quiet Side

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Last autumn, when Zimbabwe’s largest tourism exhibition held Sanganai period, I visited this magical land.The exhibition held in harare, from tourism resources to local specialty, aspects nowhere not embodies the zimbabwean enthusiasm and thoughtful.

Say to the art of Africa, mostly people think of wood carving, and in Zimbabwe, stone is indeed a must carry treasure.Mr Check ancient stone carving park is located in the east of harare approximately 8 km, the park covers an area of 15 acres, display stone carving products more than 600 pieces.

Zimbabwe stone carving to a new form of art won the international widespread recognition.Zimbabwe unique stone resources to artists provides rich and colorful stone.Established in 1957 the harare national gallery, make artists quickly mastered in the stone express their ideas skills, then they constantly created outstanding sculpture.Now stone carving art is very popular in Zimbabwe.Stone carving creation theme and the gods, because zimbabwean believe that everything is the spirit, and the control and protection of each tribe, each member of the family all enjoy.This kind of performance of the gods stone carving peculiar modelling, imagine rich, every piece of work represents a spiritual symbol, implied the specific cultural information.A zimbabwean sculpture artists say: and whoIn my sculpture, the soul of ancestors constantly give me by the inspiration, folk case Rio legend often inspire to me.

In addition, people and animals is Zimbabwe stone carving often reflect the theme, and artists common deformation contracted gimmick shape the image, shaping is summarized, the structure is far from normal proportion, abstract component is in the majority, few realistic.Carving often in texture smooth, smooth texture of material and straightforward bold and vigorous expression form contrasting aesthetic temperament and interest.Some works just carved out are pale, repeatedly touch water after grinding to the sun gradually turned into a dark bright, extremely rich adornment feels.

Zimbabwe’s stone carving artists is much by other alternative options, there are a few who specially trained.In the stone carving park, we meet a lot is the creation of young artists, they are creative and no design drawings, just play to his imagination, along with the gender, as the country people’s personality, optional and simple.

In harare suburbs, and a strange stone park, let a person more enjoy the nation stone magic charm, it is balance stone park.Figure in the park, with different size, smooth surface and shapes.Some shape is like mushrooms, others like a top cap, and similar wooden ship. Heaven and earth and the nature of the clever, let a person tut tongue unceasingly.These stones generally weigh several tons, some even reach dozens of tons, but the following point are small, in one thousand after ten thousand years of wind and rain, but always keep his balance tower.It is this magic heaven and earth and the nature, make a few square kilometers of balance stone park become Zimbabwe natural tourist attractions.